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Not everyone in the real estate industry is an extrovert. There are many real estate investors who have very quiet, reserved personalities. If this sounds like you, don’t think for one second that it is impossible for you be successful when it comes to real estate investing. However, you may find that you’ve got to put in more work than the extroverts do. You’ve got to power through being uncomfortable for a little while, in order to better adapt to being around and working with other people. Networking is paramount when it comes to this business. Any time you hear about a networking event, a mixer, or a conference, you need to add your name to the list. Know that it isn’t enough to just “attend.” 

You cannot go, shake hands, then leave. You must spend time getting to know people so that they will remember you. No one is grading you on whether or not you go. You can consider an event a success or failure based on how much knowledge you gained, and how many people you networked with. Here are some ways that you can make you less uncomfortable when it comes to attending any real estate investing functions.

Try to get to know people prior to attending the event. Find them on social media, and reach out through a message, or a tweet. You’ll be surprised at how positive their response is likely to be; don’t worry about coming off as a stalker. Chances are, they once did the same thing you are doing right now, and remember just how uncomfortable they were when they reached out to strangers. Let them know that you’re planning to go to the event, and that you’d like to meet up and talk to them when you get there. Try complimenting them on something they’ve done. The fact that you have touched base beforehand will make it much easier for when you arrive at the event, as theimagesy won’t seem like a total stranger.

Never show up unprepared. Business cards are extremely important in real estate. Therefore, it is important that you be sure your business cards are in a readily-accessible place so that you aren’t messing around in your wallet, or pocket, to find them. It also makes you look unorganized when you offer someone your business card, and then have to tell them you don’t know where they are.

Another tip is to figure out where the parking garage is before the event. Many garages do not take credit or debit cards. You don’t want to run late to the event, or miss it altogether, because you have to go to the ATM. Find out beforehand if you can attribute anything to the event. Do they need food? Soft drinks? Alcohol? Food is always a great conversation starter, so bring snacks if you can. Food serves as a great ice-breaker. At the event, you’ve got to introduce yourself. Coming up with small-talk isn’t difficult, and you’ll find that after the first question, the conversation will flow smoothly from then on.

Realize that other people at the event are probably just as nervous as you are! A great place to start small-talk at an event is in lines; for the bar, for a table, or the restroom. Sit near other people, not by yourself.

If you’re still having trouble interacting with people at the event, and you’re feeling a little desperate, find someone else at the event who also looks like they are struggling to meet people. This really should only be a last resort, because when you make friends with the shy person, you’ll probably end up only speaking with them. Therefore, the best way to make this option successful is that once you make a friend, ask them if they want to walk around together to introduce yourselves. This may make it easier for you as well.  

When talking to people, make sure that you speak slowly, and with diction. Talking too fast has the ability to turn people off, and it also shows a lack of confidence. You also might say something ignorant. Do NOT overanalyze everything when you leave the event. Don’t call yourself stupid for something you said, or beat yourself up if you didn’t make the effort you should have. Introverts have trouble coming out of their caves, and you should be proud of yourself for getting out there!



  1. Julie B says:


    Great article. I definitely am shy by nature, but I love real estate! I’m nervous I won’t be successful. Conferences tend to scare me, but I’ve only tried attending two, but I didn’t really meet anyone. After reading your article, I think I may have done some of the things you said not to do. I didn’t sit in the very back row, but I was pretty close. I tried to make small talk at the bar, but the person didn’t really seem interested. After that, I was a little too discouraged to keep trying 🙁

  2. Emery says:

    I think its important to network, as well. I have a friend who has been a real estate agent for years, but does not do very well. She doesn’t put in the effort that she should, and I think she knows it. I’ve never seen her attend an event. She only has a few clients, and also seems to be too involved with them. I think you should keep business relationships as business. She’ll listen to them talk about their problems forever. I’m sure they only see her as a doormat.

  3. Emery says:

    That sounded harsh, I just realized. I guess it’s just that if you are going to do real estate, you should actually try. People come up with all sorts of excuses as to why their business is slow at the moment. Plenty of realtors still do well when the market isn’t great.

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